Hey it’s Roger.  Welcome to my blog.

Have you ever been told you should never discuss politics, faith/religion, and/or any other  subject that stirs up deep emotions with friends and family?  These  subjects are considered taboo !   I am told that constantly and I ignore people when they  tell me that.  This blog was established at the request of some of my family and friends on Facebook, who felt that maybe there was a better place for me to rant about “subjects de taboo “!

If you at times are offended or uncomfortable by what I write. Good.    That means you are actually reading my blog and I have gotten you out of your comfort zone.  My truth is not always comfortable.

As  you will soon find out, I am not a professional writer, or a journalist.  My writing style is more conversational and is simple and imperfect.   I do not post for you to critique my writing or the style of its content.  I post to share ideas.

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Email me at: rogerebarton@gmail.com


One thought on “About

  1. coconutspeak says:

    Style, shmyle ….. Give me the meat and potatos and don’t hold the gravy. Rant away my friend.

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